Tracking Your Reading

Summer Reading(2)

Photo Credit: A Day Dreamer’s World

I know most people on here at least keep a list of books they’ve read. But I think I might take tracking my reading a step further. Or ten.

I began tracking my reading back in 2010 by simply listing out the books I read in a Word document along with the date I finished the book. Nothing too sophisticated. But eventually that grew into something more at the start of 2012. I started using Excel spreadsheets to better keep track my reading during each season. Not only would the book and date be recorded, but also the amount of time it took for me to read the book, the book’s page count, and the book’s series. It is because of this information that I know I read more than ten full days in 2012. I know there are people reading a whole lot more than that, but that’s a fairly significant amount of time if you ask me.

Now I generally have a Word document and an Excel spreadsheet for each season of every year. At the end of the year I combine all of the books into a single spreadsheet and take a look at when I had long periods of no reading and how many books by particular authors I read and more. I also of course have my What I’m Reading page on here that also lists the books I’ve finished.

I know Goodreads is an easy way to track your reading, but I don’t use it much. But what about you, how do you go about keeping track of your reading?