Almost Time

Back in September I bought a new computer. It was the first time I had one in over a year. The purpose was simple. I wanted to make my YouTube videos again. I didn’t upload a single video in 2018.

But I really enjoy putting in the time to create something. My videos are always about books and my new goal is to start again next week. I already know what my first two videos will be about and I’m crazy excited to get back to it! If you’re curious about some of my previous videos, check them out here.

Top Five Wednesday: DNFs

Oh look, two Top Five Wednesday videos in two weeks! This week’s topic is DNFs. For those of you not in with the lingo, that’s “did not finish”. I originally didn’t plan on doing this topic, but then I realized that doing it would give me the chance to talk about two of my FAVORITE (sarcasm) books ever. How could I possibly pass up the opportunity?

Anyway, take five minutes to watch and tell me what you think of the books I started for some reason, but never got around to finishing.

Which are the most notable of the books you’ve started and not finished?

Top Five Wednesday was started by Lainey at GingerReadsLainey.

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