Do you use a Thesaurus When you Write?


Photo Credit: ShirtWoot

Ever catch yourself writing along and you don’t like how a particular word or phrase fits into a sentence that is sure to catch your reader’s eye? You know that changing a word or two will make it memorable. So you pull out your trusty thesaurus and come up with a better word. Something that only Shakespeare himself would have thought to use. Because after all, you’re the next Shakespeare. You know it. You find a word and instantly your sentence becomes unforgettable.

I hope not. As a writer and reader, I like to think my vocabulary is already pretty extensive. Like you, I rarely come across a word in my reading or online or wherever that I don’t already know. So my question is what do you need a thesaurus for? Is using some random word found in a thesaurus really going to make any difference to your reader when they get to it? Doubtful.

I may have used a thesaurus once in the course of writing my book. And I never used it for essays in college. Cause I just don’t think they’re necessary. What about you? Do you write with a thesaurus?