China has a Problem with Winnie the Pooh


In recent decades many people have praised the Chinese government for a number of different actions it has and hasn’t taken. But if we’re going to praise them for some of the good they’re doing, it’s only fair to criticize when criticism is necessary.

The internet in China is heavily censored. We all know this. Several tech companies are actively trying to change this. Besides the internet, though, books are also heavily censored. Recently it was announced that book series such as Winnie the Pooh are negatively affecting Chinese culture and ideology, and thus the books will be banned from the country.

Two things here. First, HAHAHA. Literally. This is so ridiculous that it’s funny. It’s hard to imagine living in China. Heavy pollution. Censorship in every aspect of life. Sure there are countries in which life is noticeably worse, but most of those don’t have the respect China has on the world stage.

Second, this policy is unenforceable from day 1. It’s just not feasible to enforce. They can’t round up all the newly banned books already in the country. And people will always find a way to obtain the things they want.

Do you think the Winnie the Pooh books are worthy of being banned? 😂

Ten Facts About Books for World Book Day (a day late)

Yesterday was World Book Day. At least that’s what popped up all over my WordPress Reader. I also happened to see at least one person call it Erotic Book Day. We’ll just assume she was trying to bring attention to herself because that can’t really be a thing. I surely hope not.

Anyway, yesterday was World Book Day. And I have no idea what we were celebrating. Was it someone’s birthday from a few centuries ago? Or maybe the original publication date of one of the most known works in history? I have no clue. But surely there’s some reason March 5th is the date. So in honor of the momentous day, here are ten “facts” about books. They’re from the UK and the list isn’t mine.

1. The Average UK household owns 203 books.

2. The British Library contains about 14 million books and needs roughly six miles of new shelf space every year just to add new items.

3. UK publishers release about 184,000 new or revised books each year.

4. Since 2011, sales of eBooks in the UK have overtaken sales of print books.

5. Jane Austen originally gave the name First Impressions to her book that was later published as Pride and Prejudice.

6. France has won more Nobel Prizes for Literature than any other country.

7. J.R.R Tolkien is said to have typed the whole of the LOTR with only two fingers.

8. In 2014, the town of Tuszyn in Poland banned Winnie-the-Pooh.

9. A 2013 survey reported that 18 percent of people don’t read print books.

10. “There is no friend as a loyal as a book.” -Hemingway

I think I took these from a UK tabloid because it really reminds me of Elite Daily. BUT these don’t seem too outrageous to think they aren’t somewhat true. So eh, just read the list knowing that I have no means to verify the accuracy of any of these statements. Well I could verify a few, but what fun would that be?

Happy Belated World Book Day!

On this day in 2014 I published Stop Choosing Between Writing and Reading.