Copy & Pasting Poetry

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there are MANY bloggers on WordPress who post original poetry. As in the point of their blog is to share their poetry. I actually like these poetry blogs because it gives me something to shoot for when I post my own, though I still think all of mine have been average. But I’m not talking about these blogs.

Have you ever come across a blog that shares poems each day that are NOT their own work? For example, if you scroll through their posts you might find some Robert Frost, Poe, Sylvia Plath, and others. There is NO original content. There are no original poems. There is nothing but an archive of random poems written by famous poets. I’m no authority on what does or does not make a good blog, but I have an opinion just like everyone else.

I understand that people sometimes struggle to find something to blog about, but I see no point in searching the internet for random poems and then copy and pasting them into your editor and calling them blog posts. They aren’t. This is exactly the same as those bloggers who do the same thing with writing quotes. Both practices are unoriginal and boring.

What do you think of these copy and pasting bloggers?

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Writing Quotes


I have a serious question for you all. Why do so many bloggers post writing quotes? I mean, are they really THAT inspiring or motivating? I don’t think so.

I see posts every single day on blogs I follow and some I don’t with writing quotes. That’s it. No original content. And I just want to know what makes posts like those interesting. Cause there are some that publish and BAM! 82 Likes. Or 233. Not that the number of Likes on a post makes it any better, but come on. Don’t sit there and act like you don’t get excited when it appears that a new post you’ve published is getting some attention. It’s normal. But I think there are way too many people who just copy and paste random writing quotes from the internet and call it a blog post. It isn’t. And no matter what anyone says, it never will be.

AND you see so many of the same quotes over and over and over again. Stop.

And yes, I pulled a random quote from the internet for the image to make my point. No idea who the quoted person is.

PS: Stay tuned for my 2014 recap tomorrow!

Need a Drink?


Photo Credit: Vindale Research

Hey look, I didn’t post on ANOTHER weekday yesterday. Did you notice? Eh. Probably not. Oh well. First off, this post is not me asking about what your favorite beer or wine is, because you should know by now that I do not drink anything that requires you be 21 or older. I still don’t see the point. You’re all alcoholics if you ask me.

Now you’re probably like “Okay, now you’ve insulted me for the last time!” Maybe. What I am asking about is whether you need something to drink when you write. I’m a horrible mulititasker and I’m still not writing, but back in the day I’d rarely have anything to drink while writing. Here’s where I throw in some lame joke about “but I really needed a bottle of water at my side on those days I was really working my writing muscle.” I just threw up all over my pile of dirty clothes. All those stupid writing quotes I see people tweeting and blogging about make me sick. They think they’re revealing something hidden and great that no one else knows about even though they probably just Google searched “writing quotes” and picked one. Get out of here.

Anyway, the only beverage I’ve ever had while writing has been the occasional bottle of water. And oddly enough, I usually finished it rather quickly. I mean, I can always drink a bottle in a few seconds if I want to, but I don’t do that if I’m just sitting. Eh. But what about you? I know SO many writers claim to have a coffee addiction that probably just males them feel like a writer cause no one thinks for themselves anymore, but do you have a beverage of choice that you must have once you get writing?