Officially Launched!

My Kickstarter project officially launched last night!

For those of you who may not be aware of what exactly Kickstarter does, here’s the very basic premise.

Project creators, like myself, start creative projects like writing a book and explain what it is they’re trying to accomplish. The creator sets a funding deadline and goal for the project and Kickstarter allows other people (known as backers) to help fund the project.

When creating the project the creators set different reward thresholds that can be met with certain pledge amounts. For example, on my project you can receive a copy of the paperback edition of the book, a bookmark made specifically for my book, and a personalized thank you from me for your contribution of $20. That’s just one of the thresholds I’ve set. Take a look at the project page here!

Divided Within Kickstarter Project Page

All the information related to the project itself is listed on the project page and you all could get some nice goodies for your generous donations!

Also, please note that should you decide to donate that you will not be charged unless the funding goal is met by the deadline. You’d then be charged at the deadline of the project!

Thank you all for still keeping up with my blog after nearly twenty posts about my book! There will also be a link on my About Me page for the duration of the project.

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