Get Anything Bookish This Christmas?

I have to be honest. I’m not big on Christmas. I would be perfectly fine if we didn’t celebrate it at all. Which is why each and every year I tell my family that I don’t want anything, and mean it. But of course they still try to find something to get me. Which is fine, I guess. I’d prefer they spend their money on more useful things. Anyway, this year I did just as I have in previous years. I said I didn’t want anything. Which left them to just get whatever. It was basic stuff. Pretty much all clothes. AND SOCKS! But for the second year in a row one of my brothers got me something bookish. They’re bookends! But they look almost exactly like one of our former pets. Here. Look.


Uh can you say awesome? I’m even going to dust off my bookshelves before I use them. Last year he got me some fancy bookmarks. Or was it two years ago? One of the two. Anyway, these little guys were my only bookish gifts this year and I think they’re great.

What about you? Did you get anything bookish this Christmas? Like books, maybe? Tell me.

Are any of you on SnapChat? You see from the picture that I am. Add me “jguillen12” I’ll send you the most random snaps you can imagine. Unless you’re boring, then I won’t. Ha.

19 thoughts on “Get Anything Bookish This Christmas?

  1. My daughter gave me about five poetry books from a thrift shop. I can never have enough poetry books because I do Poetry Therapy and I’m always looking for a good one. She also got me another copy of Writing Down the Bones…one of my favorites, and now I can pass it along. Books are always a winner!


    • My sister lives in another state and asked if she could just give me an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card. I said no. But secretly, maybe I want one. Maybe. 😊

      What kind of books did you get?


      • A few I have had my eye on, and a few I had never heard of! I just finished ‘An Abundance of Katherines’, have started ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’, and have a few to work through: Gone Girl, Endgame: The Calling, Clariel and Ashes.

        I love getting books as gifts because I may never have picked up that book by myself so usually have no expectations for them, which means I’m reading them with a completely open mind! Also – it saves me a ridiculous amount of money because I won’t have to buy any books myself for a while! πŸ™‚


  2. Those are very cool bookends. A clever brother you have, finding a set that looked like the family dog! But you turned down your sister’s offer of an Amazon gift card? I wouldn’t have been able to resist that!

    I didn’t receive anything bookish this year, but gave several presents that were. My niece has two young sons that actually read – can you imagine how happy that makes me, the writer in the family? I gave them book vouchers so they can pick their own books. I also bought some quirky bookish gifts from the same chain of book stores – bookmarks, pen-holders, notebooks, etc. I love that stuff!


    • Yep. Cause she doesn’t need to be buying me anything.

      Yes. I can. Cause I don’t think I have anyone in my family who REALLY likes reading. I think I like your gift giving. More people should should jump on board and give bookish gifts.


  3. I just went and ordered ten books off Amazon for my family to give me! While I was utterly delighted, the brown box looked rather forlorn under the tree next to all the gaudy paper… I don’t think a little bit of wrapping would’ve gone astray πŸ˜› At least I won’t have to buy a book again until next Christmas!


  4. Awesome bookends!

    Have you seen those special hardbound anthology books Barnes and Noble sells? They’ve got some for Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, etc. My mom bought me the H.P. Lovecraft one. It’s huge, because it’s everything he ever wrote – even some childhood stuff. I adore it, although I know it will take me ages to read πŸ˜› It’s a huge book.

    She also bought me one of B&N’s pretty hardback copies of Bullfinch’s Mythology. I didn’t actually ask think to ask for that one, but I’ve been meaning to read it forever. Guess she knows me well.


    • I know!

      Honestly, I never go to Barnes and Noble. Too expensive. But all that comes to mind when I think of an anthology is a giant brick. Never read one.

      And I don’t know what Bullfinch’s Mythology is. Haha I don’t know anything.


      • I agree. I usually buy from local used book stores now. So much cheaper. I just know of the B&N editions because my boyfriend got a ton of them for Xmas one year. They’re beautiful books, but they definitely are bricks. I think the H.P. Lovecraft one is special though, because his stuff is harder to find in one place. It’s not in public domain either, so you can’t read it for free.

        Bulfinch’s is just a classic nonfiction/academic book about myths. I enjoy reading about religions and folklore, so that one is just a neat hobby book for me.


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