Writing Pet Peeves #5: Literally


Photo Credit: Cinematic Commentary

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to write this post without banging my head on my desk. This is way up there in terms of the most annoying things people can do around me. Using “literally” for everything, and being wrong every single time.

“I’m so sick I’m literally dying right now.”

“I was literally laughing my ass off.”

“I just ate so much I’m literally going to explode right now.”

GAH! Stop it! My response just about every time someone uses this word wrong is, “I’m literally about to slap you across the face!” I think this is one of those words that will be used incorrectly as long as it’s in use. Why? Because way too many people use it incorrectly and no one corrects them. Sometimes the media or pop culture play a part in words and phrases that are used incorrectly, but I don’t even know how this happened. What I do know is that ever since I was a young kid I’ve constantly heard this misused. I don’t remember any teacher ever correcting a student. And I’ll even admit that I don’t correct people now. Because it’s a lost cause. Ten minutes after I correct someone they’ll use it incorrectly again. Ugh.

In other news, I went ahead and made a new blog! I know I said I wasn’t but I decided it wouldn’t be the end of the world to start fresh. It’s all about sports. It’ll be exactly the same format as this, but sports. My first post and About Me page are already up. So take a look! And follow. Pretty please.


29 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves #5: Literally

  1. A post after my own heart! (Not literally.) As a literal person (in both senses of the word), the overuse of “literal” is also a pet peeve of mine. So many times I’ve wanted to say, “So you mean you ACTUALLY fell off your chair?” or correct them, because no, they didn’t “literally die,” or they wouldn’t be talking to me. Thanks for speaking up!


  2. Somehow, my father [in his 70s] has picked up this habit. My brother and I waste no time in correcting him each time. It’s such an irritant of mine that I named a chapter “Metaphorically Speaking” in my novel.

    Good luck with the sports blog.


  3. Ditto with overuse of the word “epic.” It literally makes me face palm when people use “epic” to describe things that are not, in fact, close to epic 😉

    But my #1 grammar peeve by far is ending sentences with prepositions, particularly “at”: “Where you at?” “Where are the bathrooms at?” UGH. So trashy and completely unnecessary. “Where are the restrooms?” makes just as much sense, and it’s grammatically correct.


  4. Oh dear, I was just about to write “literally” in the incorrect way! But I stopped myself and thought of you because, yet again another post that made me laugh! You are definitely a comedian..


    • Haha nooo! Good thing you caught yourself! I’m starting to think you just laugh at everything cause I’m only kinda sorta funny. Or maybe I am a comedian and I’m just pretending otherwise. You’ll never know! 😂


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