2500 WordPress Followers and Surprise!

The following will be a short letter to you. And then I have a great surprise for all of you! Seriously.

To you,

Just recently Write me a Book, John! surpassed 2500 WordPress followers. I know so many bloggers talk about not caring about followers or site views and all of that and that’s fine, but I’m very open about the fact that I do. Think about it. There wouldn’t be any reason for me to post just about every single day if it weren’t for you. Maybe you read half my posts or a quarter or a tenth, but it doesn’t matter. You read them. You may disagree with some of what I say and I may have even offended you at some point along the way, but you’ve helped me reach this point.

And I understand that plenty of people (bloggers included) don’t take blogging seriously. I know of bloggers who will post a week straight and then not again for a month, and that’s fine. But it’s just not what I want from this whole experience. What I really want is to keep you constantly entertained and informed as much as I possibly can. I want you to wake up each morning looking for what I post each day. I want you to share my posts on Twitter or Facebook of whichever social media site you prefer. I want you to have to think before posting a comment on one of my posts. I want this little spec of the internet to become a little part of your day-to-day routine. And maybe all of that is me wanting too much, but you’ll never be able to tell me that I don’t take you, your opinion, and your blog seriously…because I do.

All I’d like to say is thank you. For reading my rants. For disagreeing with me. And mostly just for reading. It means the world to me that you spend your valuable time on this little blog of mine.

Your fellow blogger,


Now for the surprise.

I want to ask you something. And in return I want to GIVE you something even better! I realize that a great many of the 2500 followers on here don’t hardly interact with me, if at all. But many of you do. And many of you have been around here for many months and several have been here since early 2014. And for every one of you I’m talking about there’s a reason you’ve stuck around. Maybe it’s my direct nature of writing my posts. Maybe you think I’m sometimes funny. Maybe you just like books and put up with me. I don’t know, but there IS some reason you read my blog.

And I want you to tell me! I want you to tell me why you like my blog as much (or little) as you do. And I’d like for you to really think about it before posting your response because the person who I determine writes the best response will get to name a character in my WIP! You can name he/she after yourself or after your dog or after whatever you want (within reason) OR if that isn’t enticing to you, then I’ll buy you two paperback books of your choice (and throw in a signed copy of mine).

What do you think?! All I want to know is what you think I’m doing right. That’s it. I really hope you’ll take a minute to comment.

PS: You’ll get the two books or the opportunity to name one of my characters ONLY if I get at least ten individual responses.

On this day in 2014 I published 200 WordPress Followers!.



65 thoughts on “2500 WordPress Followers and Surprise!

  1. Congrats, John! I’d like to say the numbers don’t matter, but I think they do, at least a little. I wish I had some spectacular reason to share with your for why I continue to follow your blog, but the honest to goodness truth is that I like how forthright you are with every post and response. Do I always agree? Nope, but I get the sense that we can disagree and still be friends. 🙂 Again, Congratulations! I’m excited for you!


  2. I stick around because you’re an intelligent guy with well presented topics. We don’t have to agree on everything, but any discussion always stays respectful. That encourages discussion, and I think it’s great.


  3. Congratulations on such a successful blog! I continue to read your posts because I like that you write thoughtful and reflective posts about the writing process, the reading process, and about the book industry at large. You make me pause and consider my own habits and opinions on different situations, and I enjoy having a thought-provoking source of entertainment. Keep it up! 🙂

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  4. You know why I stick around – okay, so here are some of the infinite reasons:

    1 – You like Lulu & Gumpy. Though I have not heard much from you about Bozo yet, I’m pacifying him by saying you care too much to show it.
    2 – No one, and I mean NO ONE has ever said my voice is good before, so that has got to be a first that needs to be humbly acknowledged in the very least.
    3 – No one gives a pep talk quite as cool as you do plus I hate the way you argue. What?! I am obviously a glutton for punishment 😛


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  5. I’ve been reading your blog for nearly a year. I’ve stuck around because you write well-thought out posts. We don’t always agree but its like you play devil’s advocate and back up your opinions well and I appreciate a good debate sometimes.

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    • Well I’m certainly glad you appreciate that I put some effort into my posts. Cause there have been plenty of days in which I wanted to sleep instead of writing one. 😂 Thanks for sticking around! Hopefully another year can happen!

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  6. That’s truly awesome! Congrats! I don’t always get to read your posts but I do really enjoy reading them when I get the chance. You always have interesting and creative topics. I also think it’s awesome that you’re so dedicated to making your blog posts. I’ve said enough nice things now😜 You also need to send me your book still… 😂 Again, congrats!!!


  7. I am just tuning in tonight and it worries me that in the past month, even though I post once a week, my readership has fallen off. I liked what you wrote, you must have incredible drive to write every day. I changed my header, maybe people think I’ve stopped writing? But my writing has improved, according to the last comments I received. Do you know how to get Freshly Pressed, or on Longreads? I don’t have time to search all over this site to find out. If you have a minute, I’d love you to read my blog. I’m under Musings and Mumblings under merrieherrie. I’m not boring.


  8. You’re honest, you state things plainly, and you are not afraid to admit when you don’t understand something. I always find your blog refreshing and interesting to read. You write about things that interest and intrigue me. I love it when you write a post about old-fashioned typewriters or bookmarks or bookish gifts, and when you ask questions of us. Although I don’t often comment on other blogs, I find myself commenting (or wanting to) on your blog more often because I get the feeling that you are genuinely interested in what opinions other people have on things. And that seems to be the key to good blogging. Congratulations on your first 2500 followers (of which I must admit I’m a tad jealous!), and long may you continue to gather even more followers!

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  9. Pssh! If you need me to tell you why I frequent your blog, then you haven’t been paying attention to all the amazing and ridiculous and hilarious and sometimes outright confusing conversations we’ve had over the past year. I suggest you go back and remind yourself why I’m still here. 😛


  10. Firstly, congratulations on 2500+ followers, to me that’s a huge achievement to reach! So, here’s my answer as to why I like your blog: do you remember that post about smelling books and I said I do that? You thought I was crazy? Haha. You’re a comedian and it’s fun! You blog about interesting and fun posts that I can relate to! I hope that answers your question 🙂


  11. I enjoy your blog because it makes me think. Sometimes, it makes me mad! Lol. At times (often) your opinions on books, reviewing, reading, differ widely from my own, which is great. You may completely trash my way of doing something, which can sometimes insight rage, but also makes me laugh, because everyone is different and the opinions of a stranger on the internet don’t really effect my life. Yet, still I read every post since discovering you last May or so. I like that you’re not just another book review blog (though I love those blogs too!) and that at times your posts seem to intentionally make people say “hey!” and then defend their line of thought because you don’t get it or agree. This is a good place for bookish debates. Also, your format inspires me. I’d love to work on posting more regularly and doing more than just reviews and posting pictures of my books. So keep up the witty posts and keep pissing me off!


  12. Honestly, I don’t read very many of your posts because I struggle to maintain a consistent flow of content on my own blog. However, I can tell you why I followed you in the first place and why I like the posts that I do read. I followed you because I like just about anything that has to do with books and because I’m a writer. Your blog deals with both of those things, and I liked the perspective you bring to each of those topics. As for why I like the parts of your blog I actually get around to reading–I like your straightforward, honest approach. You say what you mean and are honest about your opinions, even when those opinions aren’t popular and would be considered inferior by some. Also, you’re transparent about your struggles as a writer, and I can relate to most of those struggles myself, even though I’m not nearly as dedicated a writer as you are.


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