Guess What? Dr. Seuss is Getting a Museum

That’s right. It’ll be located in his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts.

But if I’m being honest, I was very surprised to read that there isn’t a Dr. Seuss museum anywhere in the world. How is that possible? I mean, at least there could be a major attraction at a theme park or something. I’m 23-years-old and I’d like to go to something like that. Imagine how the kids would be!

Dr. Seuss is one of those timeless authors whose legacy and books will live on for decades and centuries to come, so I think it’s only fitting that he finally get a museum in his honor. I think it should have happened a long time ago, but I think today’s technology will make the museum all the better. Because it isn’t just a museum, it’s set to be an experience with life-sized characters and places from the books.

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum is expected to open to the public in 2017.

What do you think? Are there any authors as deserving as Dr. Seuss for such an honor?

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32 thoughts on “Guess What? Dr. Seuss is Getting a Museum

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! Are you serious?!?! Why can’t they open a Dr Seuss Museum here in Sydney? Is there only going to be one museum? Crazy, you hear me! Ugh. When will I ever travel to Springfield, Massachusetts? Probably never unless I plan it in the future of 2017 or after. As Veronica said above, I’ve been to the Seuss Landing, twas awesome. But still…please open one in Sydney πŸ˜€


      • Haha…I’m not yelling at you! πŸ˜› Off topic, but I remember reading a post and saw that you’re 23? I didn’t know you were 23! Lol. In your photo, you look much older haha *inserts same emoji as your one*!!


      • :O I did read it……but it was in February when I read it. I have a memory of goldfish! How do I keep up with every blogger’s age. I’m trying my best!! D: Tbh, I thought you were in your late 20s. You definitely look much older than me!!!! (not yelling)


      • LOL. How old do you think I look? As you can see, I probably only have a few photos of myself.


      • :O You’re saying I look old!!! I’m a year older πŸ™‚ so this year I’ll be a quarter of a century…


      • πŸ˜› I actually have a few white hairs here and there. It could be the stress or the lack of something…such as sleep, perhaps?


      • Sleep more? I already sleep more. I usually get 8 hours or more when I don’t have morning shifts. Otherwise, 5 or 6 hours max morning shift days. I love sleep too!


      • A stress ball? Really? Maybe I need to exercise more to release stress, eat more ‘healthier’ whatever that means haha, be less anxious and worry less. Maybe then my white hairs will die down eventually!


      • First though – how the hell did you know I had bacon and eggs for lunch!!! Then I remember, the blue bird. Lol. Truth is, I am an anxious and very worried person. I always worry about anything; current work, future employment work, friends, partner, family, life itself. I’m always anxious when I’m outside my house and my partner’s house. I’ve been to see a psychologist, lots of counselling and still I’m feeling the way I feel everyday. There’s many things people or bloggers don’t know about me personally and I will never share on social media. But I like to keep things light and have my blogging site as light and simple as possible without the bad stuff lol. OK, now I feel I’m going into the ‘deep’ stuff. HAHA.

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      • Hm. Duhh Twitter! Well I can understand you not wanting to post about that stuff on your blog, but you could DM me on Twitter if you want. Not even to necessarily talk about any of that, just if you feel like having a conversation with someone different for a change? I don’t know. Just saying. 😊

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