Last month I tried to conduct a giveaway for a gift card, but it didn’t seem to catch on. Now I’m upping the stakes a bit. I know I don’t need to conduct a giveaway, but I’m serious about my channel. And I feel like a lot of people aren’t really taking it seriously. Which is okay, I know people have their own interests and reasons for this. Now I want to give even more of an incentive. This is essentially what we do at Half Price Books when we aren’t getting as many email sign ups as we’d like. We do a gift card drawing. I’m betting that if you aren’t interested in my channel right now, perhaps I’ll be able to convince you somewhere down the line, but in the meantime there’s a Kindle here with your name on it. So here are the rules.

You’ll be able to enter up to the three times. But you MUST subscribe to my YouTube channel. So even if you do two of the three and don’t subscribe, then you wont be entered. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. (YOU MUST DO THIS TO ENTER AT ALL)
  2. Like this post.
  3. Like the giveaway picture on my Instagram.

This is the device I’ll be giving away here. It’ll be BRAND NEW.


And that’s it! There is one catch here. I’m once again setting a minimum on the number of subscribers I gain in order for the giveaway to take place. I want to gain 160 to reach 200 total. Which is quite a few more than my current 40, but there’s a Kindle on the line. If I don’t reach the minimum I’ll drop the prize down to a gift card, but I’ll definitely give away SOMETHING.

Here’s how I’ll pick the winner. I’ll allow people to enter for seven days. Once next Tuesday comes around I’ll immediately check the subscriber numbers and the likes on everything else. I’ll assign a number to every new subscriber, every like on this post, and every like on Instagram (for those who qualify). Then I’ll use a random number generator to determine the winner. I’ll notify the winner and get the Kindle shipped out as soon as I can.


You can enter the maximum number of three times in about a minute, so what are you waiting for?!



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