Google Releases Books for Smartphones

I can’t speak for the behavior of others, but I’ve had an Android device for nearly three years and I’ve never thought to buy books from Google Play. I mean, I’m sure the formatting is okay. I’m sure reading books bought from the Google Play store is minimally different from Kindle books or iBooks. But eh, it just hasn’t happened.

Google obviously knows there’s money to be earned from selling eBooks, and now they’re adapting. They recently released two books that are meant to be read on smartphones. They’re interactive and very short “reads”. And more could be on the way.

I imagine these kinds of interactive books are geared toward younger readers, but if you could get through a nice little interactive eBook in 30-60 minutes, then why not give them a try, right?

Two questions. Do you ever read books on your smartphone? Would you be interested in these interactive eBooks Google is betting on?

17 thoughts on “Google Releases Books for Smartphones

  1. I’ve tried reading books on my phone but it isn’t nearly as enjoyable as it is with an eBook, tablet or physical book.
    First, and most importantly, since it is interactive it will eat up the data plan & I would put money on the fact you won’t be able to do the interactive part unless you are on mobile rather than wifi (just like I can’t view my phone bill unless I’m on mobile)
    Secondly, the print is smaller than I’m generally comfortable with although I do read online on my phone quite a lot.
    Lastly, Google Books is a battery drain. In order to keep my battery at more than 50% for most of the day, I have to have minimal apps open. In fact, more often than not I have to force a lot of them TO close since simply swiping them off the screen does not close them, it just means you can’t see them in card view. This was a hard learned lesson, too.
    If I didn’t use the internet so much I would revert to a phone with a physical, instead of touch screen, keyboard.
    I wouldn’t be interested. At all. I barely read the books I have for Kindle on the app since most of the ones I can find for free on Amazon are also free on Kobo if you know how to look.


  2. This seems like too little, too late. Amazon already offers the Kindle app on all devices. Unless Google offers indie authors a better deal than they get on Amazon, I don’t see people jumping to this platform.


      • I have read physical books but it’s harder. It’s more of a summer time thing when the kids are on vacation from school.

        My cell is always with me. I have a ten minute wait so I pull out my cell and read.

        I had to carry a bigger purse when I carried a book. My shoulders couldn’t take it.

        Reading on a cellphone is a busy moms best friend. At least it is for this mom.

        I do see lots of other moms with thin e-readers. If it fit in my purse and was light weight I could probably use one.

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  3. I do have books on my iPhone in case I’ve forgotten to bring a physical book or my Kindle with me wherever I am. It’s not an ideal situation, only a last resort, but I do read on my smartphone if I have to. That being said, I agree with one of the commenters above about it being a data suck and draining the batter. So, no, I won’t be using it.


  4. This is why phones are a pain sometimes. I meant to say, that I’m a physical book kind of person. But some of my favorite authors have taken to releasing short stories and novellas solely in ebook format. So, I read those exclusively on my smartphone. I have the Kindle app, and that’s what I use primarily. I tried using Google books, but it’s pretty generic and not as sleek or immersive. Interactive books do not sound interesting to me at all. I feel that books are already interactive enough.


    • Some of my favorite authors release Kindle singles, but I’ve never actually read them. To me, interactive books are just a gimmick to get people to read something that is designed for smart phones. Maybe it pulls away from Amazon or Nook, but I doubt it makes any real dent.

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  5. I am not a fan of reading books on my phone. I also don’t like to read a lot on screens in general because I think I already spend so much time working with a computer that the last thing I want to do when relaxing is stare at the screen, again.
    I wonder if reading on the small phones for too long could also be bad for your eyes?


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