Don’t Call it a Bookstore

Have you ever walked into a bookstore, saw something, and thought, “They sell THAT here?”.I have, though after actually working in one for a year I’m not as impressed with these types of things. But now Barnes and Noble is really trying to change the game.

I’m sure during your college days either recently or long ago you at some point found your way into your university bookstore. I did, though I only bought my books from mine my first semester and then turned to rentals (which you should too!). The bookstore at my school mostly reminded me of CVS. Lots of snacks. Notebooks. School supplies. University apparel. Just basic stuff. And then overpriced textbooks.

But the company behind most college bookstores is adding a new twist. Makeup. LOTS of makeup. I mean, I’ve walked into a Sephora once. It was madness. Imagine a mini Sephora type section of your college bookstore. Imagine all the teens and twenty-somethings in there. To me beauty is what you want it to be. If it’s wearing makeup, then great. If it’s not, then great. But I just read a little bit about sales numbers for makeup in the last year. Yikes. That’s a lot of money. Can’t blame BN for trying to stay relevant on college campuses.

Next up we’ll offer haircuts right next to the fruit snacks 

Makeup in college bookstores? What do you think? 

8 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Bookstore

  1. I was just there a week ago and did not notice this. I wonder if it is select locations or something they are just slowly unveiling? I do not care too much as long as they still offer the same amount of books and the membership continues to be worth the buck 😉 I can’t help but appreciate how much that membership has saved me.


      • Oh I must have read that wrong haha. Yeah, the last time I was in a college textbook store, it felt more like a souvenir shop. I keep memberships with BN and Amazon. Amazon is my go to, but every once in a while BN sends out the 40% off and it makes it worth 🙂 I always enjoy your posts 🙂


      • If you have a Half Price Books near you I highly suggest you give them a chance. The prices can’t be beat. And they have a mailing list in which they send out a full week of coupons several times a year. And they have periodic 20% off sales, one is happening this weekend through Labor Day. So you get 20% off half price. And thanks!

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  2. To be honest, i’ve worked in a bookstore as well(not a university one though), and they also sell non-educational games, and the latest addition is make-up and jewelry boxes on such. My point is, so many bookstores are starting to rely on selling things that aren’t book related. Also, the owners were thinking of adding snacks to sell….


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