I Understand It Now

Y’all! I just realized something and it’s life changing!

The books that got me hooked on reading were mysteries. PIs. Homicide detectives. Murder mysteries solved by the ex cop who left the department under a cloud. You know what I’m talking about. And back in the first couple of years after high school when I was reading the most, I was reading mysteries exclusively. No young adult. No literary fiction. No classics. No nonfiction. I was reading what I enjoyed reading the most.

Then I tried branching out. Tried to become more “well read”, whatever the hell that means. And I hit a wall. I’ve been clawing at it now for several years. When I was in college I wouldn’t read textbooks or review notes. Every break I had I’d pull out my current novel on campus and read! Not sure how you are, but usually after I read I want a nap. Fell asleep numerous times in class because I wasn’t about to talk about Alexander the Great’s empire right after reading about the unsolved murder of a kid buried in the hillside. Like, priorities!

Call me stupid or crazy or just not “well read”, but I’m going back to what made me love books to begin with. I have plenty of non mystery books to pick from when I feel the time is right, but it isn’t right now. I’m currently reading my third detective novel in a row. Not stopping even if I have to buy more.

PS: I have a rule to not read any author twice within any 5 books, but I think I’m breaking it.

8 thoughts on “I Understand It Now

  1. Good advice… read what you love. I always thought I needed to finish a book even if I didn’t like it. I’ve also tried reading a lot of economics and business books (because that’s my field). I realize now it’s not a test, no one’s judging and I don’t need to do it.

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  2. I love the sheer feeling of epipgany you got here! I totally get that we love books and reading and that there’s certain ‘expectations’ that come with that but duuude it’s all about enjoyment! READING IS LOVE (ok might have gotten a bit excited there…)


  3. Hey Johnny,
    Since you are a mystery fan, I wonder if you’ve ever heard of Higashino Keiko. He’s the mystery king in Japan. If branching out into other genres didn’t work, try other countries, maybe that will do the trick.


  4. Check out Mo Hayder’s Jack Caffery series if you like really gritty detective fiction. Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole books are great reads, too.


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